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Bolton, “Not a goof Idea to go back to Nuclear Testing”

Trump wants to see this threat resolved through negotiation

[MKW=Tack-Yong Kim] North Korea’s statement that it is possible to resume nuclear-missile tests is not a “good idea,” and President Donald Trump wants to resolve the issue through negotiations, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said.

In an interview with New York’s AM970 radio station on Tuesday, Bolton said, “Unfortunately, North Korea was not willing to do what they need to do,” referring to the US-North Korean summit in Hanoi.

In addition, North Korea’s announcement that it is considering restarting nuclear-missile tests is “a helpless statement” and “it is not a good idea for them.”

North Korea’s deputy foreign minister Choi Sun-hee said at a news conference on December 15 that Kim Jong-un, the head of the commission, will soon announce whether he will continue negotiations with the United States or whether he will continue to hold nuclear tests and missile tests.

Bolton said, “President Trump wants to see that the threats are resolved through negotiations. President Trump has made many suggestions to Chairman Kim Jung-un, but it has not worked, but President Trump is surely hoping that North Korea will lose its nuclear weapons and is still willing to try it.”

He also said that if North Korea decides to come in with the door it opened, North Korea will have a very different economic future.

Bolton also mentioned China’s role in the denuclearization talks, “The idea that there is a role for China in the negotiations is something we’d be willing to consider if we could see some movement on North Korea’s part…that the Chinese have said repeatedly they don’t want to see North Korea with nuclear weapons at all because they think it destabilizes Northeast Asia worries, the Japanese of course and South Korea and all of that instability hurts China’s economic growth. So at least in theory, China has the same position we do now. What they could do more of frankly is exert more pressure on North Korea apply the UN sanctions, more tightly. If you can see any moves from the North, the United States will be willing to consider China’s role.”

China has repeatedly said that it does not want North Korea with nuclear weapons. North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons has caused instability in Northeast Asia, as well as Japan and South Korea, and China is judging that this situation hinders economic growth in China.

Bolton said that China is 90 percent of North Korea’s foreign trade and that what China can do more is applying more stringent UN sanctions to pressure North Korea.

White House spokesman Mick Mulvaney said the resumption of North Korea’s missile tests would be considered a “breach of trust.”

“I think there is a general understanding that there is no reason for North Korea to conduct a nuclear test as long as the dialogue is ongoing and continues,” said Mulvaney, who is on the Fox News Sunday.

The statement came out in response to the question, “How will President Trump respond if North Korea resumes missile testing?”

Mulvaney said the former Reagan government took a lot of time to sign a “medium-range nuclear strategic treaty” with Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, saying that one or two talks would resolve the North Korean nuclear issue ” Irrational. ”

At the same time, he said that discussions can and should continue and that at some point in the future, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Eun will face each other.

But he repeated that if North Korea resumed the experiment, it would be “a truly frustrating event”.

Mulvaney said, however, that President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un have a “very good relationship”. “No agreement was reached at the Hanoi summit, but the relationship was not broken. What we did not agree on is that it does not mean the danger of a relationship and that there was no agreement at that time does not mean that there is no agreement that we can achieve in the future”, he added.

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