K-Hip Pop hosted first time in Ann Arbor by KLS

On Thursday, April 18th, Henry Song, director of the Peaches, tuned car motive fashion startup, and Loopy, the head of the MKIT RAIN and the main artist from Show Me the Money 777, and DJ FLOJEE visited Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Korea’s Leadership Summit (KLS) 2019, found by Korean students at the University of Michigan, hosted the first K-hiphop event of Ann Arbor. Res’PECT spreads the culture of the Republic of Korea regardless of gender, age, and nationality. Despite the final’s period, it has attracted many local students and even students from Canada.

Loopy and DJ FLOJEE shared their true story of Korean hip hop scene, the Korean music market, and the overall entertainment and culture business. Henry from Peaches shared his story of realizing imagination into reality impressed many. Also, Loopy’s experience and growth story on Show me the Money 777 was highly engaging.

On the same day, Owen Ovadoz of MKIT RAIN also participated in the second half of the lecture and surprised participants by joining through a video.

Afterwards, Loopy’s solo concert was held with the opening of the K-Raze performance team at Club Necto. The sound of Korean hip-hop was more intense than ever and made the audience felt flattered.

Sketch videos and other content from this event will be available on the KLS YouTube channel ( starting from 8/23 FRI 11 pm (EST) / 8/28 12 pm(KST).

KLS 2019 is sponsored by Seah Holdings, Peaches. and various companies. They were able to host various events that were beneficial to students. Future Generation will lead KLS in the upcoming year.
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