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Beyond Bankruptcy: What’s Next For Detroit?


Detroit’s bankruptcy, and what’s happening after it, is back in the news.

Former Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is making headlines. First New Jersey Governor Chris Christie named him a special consultant to the new Atlantic City emergency manager. Second, he’s back in Michigan, speaking at the Grand Rapids Economic Club and to the Detroit Economic Club.

Also, the group entrusted with overseeing Detroit’s finances, the Financial Review Commission, held its third meeting.

And Judge Steven Rhodes was the keynote speaker at the Walsh College commencement ceremony over the weekend. He surprised a lot of people by talking about the case — at least some elements of it.

We’ve also had Macomb and Oakland County executives complaining about the set up of the Great Lakes Water Authority, and they’ve questioned the numbers and if it will work.

To review all of this and talk about what’s next in the case, Sandra speaks with Matt Helms,Detroit Free Press Reporter.

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