[속담 영어] 속담으로 배우는 영어 – (가)

가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다
Nice words for nice words.

가랑비에 옷 젖는 줄 모른다
Many a little makes a mickle. 여기서 mickle는 대량이라는 뜻
Many drops make a flood.
Little strokes fell great oaks. 자꾸 때리다 보면 커다란 딱갈나무도 넘어간다는 뜻

가마가 솥더러 검정아 한다
The pot calls the kettle black. kettle은 솥

갈수록 태산
Out of the frying pan into the fire.
From smoke into smother. smother는 숨막히게 하다, 질식시키다
Hills peep o´er hills. o´er는 over 입니다.
Alps on Alps arise.

같은 값이면 다홍치마
Better a castle of bones than of stones.

개똥도 약에 쓰려면 없다
Sometimes it is difficult to get something very common for emergency use.

개 팔자가 상팔자라
A dog´s lot in the happiest gall.

개천에서 용 난다
It is a case of a black hen laying white eggs.

겉 다르고 속 다르다
Appearances are deceptive.

겨 묻은 개가 똥 묻은 개를 나무란다
The pot calls the kettle black.

고래 싸움에 새우 등 터진다
Suffer a side blow in a fight.
An innocent bystander gets hurt in a fight. bystander는 방관자

고양이 쥐 생각하네
be a wolf in sheep´s clothing

공든 탑이 무너지랴
A man´s labors will be crowned with success.
Hard work is never wasted.

구관이 명관이다
Better the devil you know than the devil you don´t know.
You don´t know what you´ve got until you´ve lost it.

구슬이 서 말이라도 꿰어야 보배(라)
Nothing is complete unless you put it in final shape.
No pains, no gains.

긁어 부스럼을 만들지 마라
Let well (enough) alone.
Let sleeping dogs lie.

금강산도 식후경
Pudding rather than praise.
A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds.
The belly has no eyes.
In any situation, eating comes first.

금이야 옥이야
love one´s child like the apple of one´s eye

긴병에 효자 없다
A protracted illness wears out filial devotion. protracted : 지속되는
Enthusiasm is short-lived.

떡 줄 사람은 꿈도 안 꾸는데 김칫국부터 마신다
Catch the bear before you sell his skin.
Don´t spread the cloth till the pot begins to boil.
Make not your sauce, before you have caught the fish.

꼬리가 길면 밟힌다
The pitcher goes (once too) often to the well but is broken at last.

꿩 먹고 알 먹는다[먹기]
To catch two pigeons with one bean.
To kill two birds with one stone[bolt, sling].

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