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[Alert] Korean Couple robbed on I-75

By Tack-Yong Kim

A Korean couple was robbed at gunpoint on I-75 around 7 pm last night. The couple was heading home after closing their laundromat in Detroit when they were lightly bumped from behind several times.

They pulled over on the shoulder of I-75 between 12 and 14 Mile, and saw three men approaching their car. One of the suspects pointed a handgun atthe husband’s face as the others took a handbag from his wife. When the husband was trying to help his wife, the suspect with a gun smashed his face multiple times.

The bloody husband and the shaken wife were desperate and in shock until they stopped by at Itae Kim’s dental lab in Tory for a help. Kim called 911 to report the crime and comforted them while they waited for the police. The Troy police quickly responded and came to the dental lab to collect the testimony. During their conversation, they heard that the suspects were captured during their second robbery attempt.

The Korean couple was escorted to Madison Heights Police Station,and she confirmed that the handbag found inside the suspect’s car was what they took from her.

The suspects were presumably following the couple from theirbusiness in Detroit. During the confrontation, one of the suspects accidently said to the couple “You are running a laundromat, aren’t you?”

Police asked for everyone to be an extra alert during this year-end season. The early winter darkness is also helping more criminal acts. Police added, “Do not carry cash because criminals believe Asians carry more cash.”

Police also advised to NOT pull over in such a situation. “Drive to a more populated area or to a nearby police station. While driving away, call 911 and explain the situation. The record will later prove that you are not leaving an accident.”

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